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Questo è il mio blog che verrà come al mio solito riempito di cazzate e pensieri random pseudofilosofici.
Potrebbero esserci riferimento a cose che a non tutti piacciono quindi se non avete una mentalità aperta al 100% vi consiglio di girare al largo.
La maggior parte dei post sarà in doppia lingua perchè nell'ultimo anno ho sviluppato un amore verso l'inglese che non sapevo di avere – in ogni caso, chiedo scusa per tutti gli errori, lo so che ci saranno.
Ultima cosa: se avete intenzione di aggiungermi alla vostra friend list e io non vi conosco, per piacere, me lo lasciate un commento presentandovi e dirmi dove mi avete trovata? Tendo a non aggiungo persone che non conosco alla friend list ed alcune volte i miei post sono friends only.


This is my blog and I'll fuel it with a lot of bullshit and random thoughts pseudo-philosophic.
There could be posts about things that not everyone likes so if your mind isn't 100% open maybe it's better to turn around.
Most of the post will be in double language because in the last year I developed this love towards the English language I didn't knew I have – anyway, I'm sorry for all the mistakes, I know there'll be.
One last thing: if you're thinking about adding me on your friend list and I don't know you, please, could you leave a comment introducing yourself and telling me where did you find me?  I don't like to add people I don't know on my friend list and sometimes my posts are friends only.



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List of TVshows I'm attempting to watch or rewatch (and I have a feeling I might have forgotten some of them)

This is even more random than my taste in music )
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I found this prompt in the list of prompts on klaine_endgame

Prompt: Kurt and Blaine, along with Sam, Finn and Mike, are members of a manufactured boy band who had never met until they were "put together" by a record company. Together they sing, dance, break the hearts of millions of teenage girls and take the world by storm! And along the way, Kurt and Blaine (who are both in the closet) have to deal with falling for each other whilst the world watches.
Additional Info:This prompt is in no way inspired by two particular members of a certain boy band who may or may not have been covered on Glee... Honestly. Also, feel free to substitute Finn or Mike for Puck if you prefer, but please keep Sam!

For the non-gleeks, yes, glee did What Makes You Beautiful.
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If you know me, you know that I love McFly. And if you’re in the One Direction fandom, you should know that Tom Fletcher wrote I wanna and that the two bands are working together on One Direction’s new album, hence why I’m curious to hear One Direction’s second album, despite never listening to their first album xD

Today, I was on the bus and One Direction’s cover of Forever Young started on my iPod [btw, don’t get excited, it’s the only 1D song I have] and for some reason I started comparing the two bands and I’ve noticed that both bands were put together, they didn’t start as a group of friends. When McFly released their first album, they were labeled as teeny pop group and most people [myself included] didn’t think they’d last long. Color me surprised when I’ve heard their second album, Wonderland, where the music and the lyrics had made a total flip, they wrote more serious songs, that catchy teen vibe was lost and this was McFly’s reply to everyone criticizing them and telling them they would not last. And this is the main reason why I’m curious about One Direction’s new album because I wanna see if they will try the same, leaving behind the catchy tunes such as What makes you beautiful. [McFly’s 3rd album Motion in the Ocean was a mix of both, Radio:ACTIVE as well, only that one had a heavier sound and a richer arrangement because they added more piano, synth, trumpets, etc to their sound].

Aaaaand before I forget, both Danny and Tom have tweeted about working with 1D and posted pics, so if anyone wants to follow them, their twitters are @Dannymcfly and @tommcfly.

Also, if you want to compare, here are the singles from McFly’s first album Room on the 3rd Floor and the second album Wonderland. As you’ll see, not only the sound changed but also the way their videos were made – and the two albums were released less than 2 years apart.

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This was an idea that was bugging me for quite some time, but I never managed to find a color scheme that would have exactly 10 colors that I could match with my nailpolish.

But today, thanks to [ profile] nupmetal and her post, I got the scheme and since my polish was chipping, I dig in.


Colors used:
Just Rock It by Essence Colour&Go (aka as Warbler's blue and yes I'm still weeping because they stopped producing it)
Blue Cara Ciao by Catrice (The two blues I used are tricky because Just Rock It is too dark to make the shatter top coat visible, so perhaps another version could be ditching the dark blue, starting with the Blue Cara Ciao and then on the 2nd nail putting a light baby blue like You Belong With Me by Essence Colour&Go or Sleepy from the Essence Snow White Trend Edition)
Run Forest Run by Catrice
Check Me Out by Essence Colour&Go (funny thing about this nail polish, I never used it "normally" only for nailart)
Mellow Yellow by Essence Colour&Go
Sundancer by Essence Colour&Go (one color that is pretty similar to this is Essence's Happy from the Snow White Trend Edition)
Fateful Desire by Essence Colour&Go
What Do U Think by Essence Colour&Go
Ultimate Pink by Essence Colour&Go
Passion For Fashion by Essence Colour&Go (LOL, this name screams Kurt Hummel...)

The shatter top is the Cracking Top Coat from Essence and the funny thing is that ALL of the nailpolishes I used here together costs less than a regular OPI nail polish + an OPI crack nailpolish.
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I need help...? Or just an explanation...

I'm trying to clean up my hard disk or... just put some order in it.
So, before I always had all of my mp3s saved in one mp3 folder and I did the same thing when I moved to a macbook. Now I wanted to clean up the mp3 folder only that I realized that all of the mp3s I listened to on my iTunes, are being saved in two folders: the mp3 one and the iTunes one.

So, this makes me wonder:
are all of the songs I listen to on iTunes getting automatically a copy of the file in the iTunes folder?
Does this mean I can just delete my whole mp3 folder? Because I see it pointless keep it all of my mp3s in two different folders and if iTunes automatically moves the mp3 in its' folder, I guess it's only logical to delete the mp3 one?

ETA: the reason why am I asking is because when I had a windows, the only mp3 files that got automatically saved in the iTunes folder, was the one I imported from a cd.
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Awesome meme is awesome and it was snatched from [ profile] elizabeth21r

Section 1: The basics
1. Which was the first song you ever heard of them?
2. When and how did you find out about the band?
3. Who is your favorite member and why?
4. Who is your least favorite member and why?
5. Favorite album?
6. Least favorite album?
7. Favorite tracks from each album?
8. Tracks you rarely listen or you like the least from each album?
9. What's more important to you, their looks or their music?
10. What's the first word that comes in mind when you think of 'Tokio Hotel'?

Section 2: Personal
1. What was the ultimate factor that made you a fan? Was there some specific crucial thing that locked your love towards TH?
2. For as long as you've been a fan, what's your favorite memory of the band?
3. Have there been times that you were disappointed by something the band did? If so, what was it?
4. Do you think Tokio Hotel would be the same without Gustav or Georg?
5. What's the thing you love the most in the whole package of being a Tokio Hotel fan?
6. Was there any time that you seriously considered to stop listening and supporting them? What made you change your mind?
7. If you have seen them live, what is your favorite/most vivid memory of that day/days?
8. What's the most crazy/weird thing you've ever done for Tokio Hotel? Something you would never consider doing under normal circumstances?
9. Have you met people that became very important to you through Tokio Hotel?
10. Do you think that show business has "changed" Tokio Hotel and that's why they have somehow distanced themselves?

Section 3: Fangirl-ish
1. What is your most favorite picture of the band? The one that always comes in mind whenever you think of them?
2. What's your favorite thing about your favorite member?
3. What is your most favorite picture of your favorite member?
4. Out of aaaall their interviews, is there a specific one that you like the most?
5. When you're somewhere outside, or you're randomly watching something and suddenly a Tokio Hotel song comes on, what's your reaction? Are you brushing it off or does it put a smile on your face?
6. Are there any completely random activities/objects that you have somehow linked to Tokio Hotel, thus they make you laugh or brighten your day?
7. Confession time: Did you, or did you not think Bill was a girl when you first saw Tokio Hotel?
8. Do you have dozens of posters/TH related stuff in your room/house, or are you more of a casual fan?
9. Out of everything related to the band, what is the one thing that you love the most and why?
10. Last but not least, if you could turn back time, is there anything you'd change to the way things turned out in your fandom-related life?

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Aug. 5th, 2009 09:27 pm
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Sinceramente sono troppo pigra per fare la scheda (anche perche' sono troppo presa dal tradurla in inglese), ma sull'archivio - che tra qualche giorno verra' aggiornato anche con Babies, si spera - potete trovare una oneshot di quasi 4000 parole (alla faccia delle briciole della volta scorsa XD), il rating e' Pg13 (un massimo di R per qualche 'cazzo' scappato qua e la) e il genere direi che e' romantico. Plottata di getto dopo aver visto le foto del matrimonio, si rignrazia quella pazza gente di MTT per avermi offerto i dettagli finali :3
Si ringrazia fedy per avere betato.

Link -
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Ripostati i cinque capitoli iniziali (Finalmente!!) di Pretty Babies & Big Brothers in italiano.
No, non l'ho abbandonata, sono solo molto pigra.

La trovate qua

Ps: Che il teen stars weekend su MTV abbia inizio, e' gia' partita Durch den Monsun...
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Apparently, my 3 years old nephew stole his mom's make up and put some fard on his face.

A quanto pare, il mio nipote di 3 anni ha fregato i trucchi alla madre, mettendosi il fard in faccia.
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Who's f***ing Mark Medlock? Not who the f*** is he but who is f***ing him with?
It's not normal that after 10 months Summer Love is still airing on Viva-Get the clip. Seriously.
There must be something behind this.
Also, how can you air a song about summer in the middle of winter????

How can you make a song about... sneakers?
And direct a video.
And expect people to like it o_O

End of bitching, start to working... on something.


Jan. 27th, 2009 07:14 pm
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What kind of author would ask their own readers to make their story featured?
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Fanart by [ profile] isirshvale
Quotes by [ profile] anachan87

[ profile] irishvale also claims that the pairing name should be phoesting (please, take note about how you pronounce it)
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Spice Girls Top Ten @ Vh1.
And I'm loving it.

Yes, I need some new music to listen to
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I'm in the mood to talk about the Eurovision Contest (don't ask why ._.)
So, here's a short history lesson for everyone who's outside Europe (or from Italy).
Basically, every year there’s this song contest. Countries around Europe choose an artist to represent them at the Eurovision Contest. Usually the National Television organizes a song contest where people can vote for their favorite song but sometimes there’s no vote and the country just choose an artist to represent them.
The Eurovision Song Contest is what you love when you’re five years old, is what you and your friends are obsessed with when you’re ten and… is what you can’t stand when you’re 15.
Under the cut you can see videos from some of Slovenian represents I remember.

shame behind the cut )
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1. Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter.
2. List (and upload, if you feel like it) 5 songs that start with that letter.
3. Post them to your journal with these instructions.

[ profile] lirren gave me the L.

1) Lass uns hier raus - Tokio Hotel
Lunanai - Siddharta feat. Vlado Kreslin
3) La tortura - Shakira feat. Alejandro Sanz
4) Lips like morphine - Kill Hannah
5) La vasca - Alex Britti

Lol, 5 songs in 5 different languages XDDDD


Jan. 20th, 2009 01:53 am
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auto-tagged by [ profile] elizabeth21r *hugs*

o1. People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blog and replace any question that they dislike with a new, original question.
o2. Tag eight people. Don't refuse to do that. Don't tag who tagged you.

What are your grandmothers' maiden names?
Does that mean their names before getting married? I really don't know since I don't actually care a lot about them.

How do you style your hair?
I can't style my hair. I can't even manage to part them with a proper line because they have a life on their own. Our relationship is like: Ok, I'm keeping you clean and brush you but you be good and please no dandruff. This is how it works between us.

What's the last book you read?
The Definitive Book of Body Language by Allan and Barbara Pease. Twincest looks even more real now.

What colour shirt are you wearing now?
Red pj. This is the only time you can see me wearing red O.o

Are you an introvert or extrovert?

Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer?

Who is more famous than they deserve?
I'm not saying that name because I don't know so much about that person. Although the few things I know aren't great. So I'll stick with... Katy Perry.

Who was the last person you hugged?
The lovely nephew of mine who loves me so much that he knocked me out with the flu.

What's your current fandom/obsession/addiction?
tokio hotel, drake and josh XD, broken strings by James Morrisson and Nelly Furtado

What was the last thing you ate today?

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
It depends because if I have to put on my contacts I have to wake up 30 minutes before so my eyes get used to being awake before starting the torture.

What websites do you visit daily?
My email, LJ, THFF and news sites.

What's the last movie you watched? Either in the cinema or at home.
Well, I tried to watch Epic movie but it was an Epic fail. Can't watch it though I really liked the Snakes on a plane part.

Do you like to clean?
It depends on what it is to clean.

What time is your usual bedtime?
from 12 to 6am. Right now I have the flu and I drink so much tea that I can't crush down before 6 am.

How many cell phones have you owned and which brands were they?
Umm first it was an Ericsson, than a Sony, two Sony Ericsson and right now I have a Nokia and a Samsung (not because I need two cellphones but because I have one slovenian and one italian number)

What is your favourite weather?
Sunny with some clouds.

Favourite language?
Is this a joke?

Where would you go if you could afford it?
All around the world, why should I choose just one place?
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When I was in fourth grade I've heard a Tamagotchi song I really liked (Shame on me, I know).
Today, after TEN YEARS, I found it.

Quando ero in quarta elementare ho sentito una canzone sul Tamagotchi che mi piaceva un sacco (mi vergogno, lo so).
Oggi, dopo DIECI ANNI, l'ho trovata.

Don't you think those two people are quite familiar?!?!?!
Hell yeah, we saw them already in another MV...

Quei due non vi sembrano familiari?!?!?!
Diamine, gli abbiamo visti in un altro MV...

I really don't know what to say anymore...

Io veramente non so cos'altro dire...
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24 hours has passed and there's no rumor about a new collaboration/car/hair cut/surgery from Tokio Hotel.
Should I be scared?
Is this the calm before the monsoon?

Sono passate 24 ore senza nessun rumor riguardo una nuova collaborazione/automobile/pettinatura/operazione riguardo i Tokio Hotel
Dovrei avere paura?
E' questa la quiete prima del monsone?
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